Jerrell "@H₂O" Atwater

Student Doctor  |  Host

What’s up!

My name is Jerrell Atwater, and I am working on fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor at Howard University College of Dentistry. Since elementary school, my best friend’s parents encouraged me to pursue becoming a doctor. Throughout my life, I was on the fence between medical school or dental school. It was not until high school when I completed the HPREP at UNC-Chapel Hill, that I became completely sold on the idea of pursuing dentistry.


This led me to matriculate and graduate from Howard University as a sociology major, with a minor in chemistry. During my time at Howard, I was treasurer and vice-president of the pre-dental society. Further, I completed three summer programs (SHPEP at Howard, SREP at Howard, and MED at UNC-Chapel Hill), conducted oral health research, all while maintaining different part-time jobs throughout undergrad. My pre-dental experience shaped and molded me into the man that I am today, starting my D1 year at my alma mater—Howard University.


I look forward to having fun, blogging, and podcasting my dental school journey throughout the next four years, and I invite you to join along! Howard has already taught me a lot, so I am looking forward to this period of immense growth that is about to begin. Thank you all for the support and for tuning in. I look forward to discussing “The Ugly T(r)ooth” with you all!