Pre-Dental Summer Programs

  1. Summer Health Professions Education Program

    1. For underserved applicants that have less than 60 credit hours that have a socioeconomic or education disadvantage.

    2. 12 locations 

    3. All health professions: medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, public health, nutrition, occupational therapy.

  2. UNC-Chapel Hill Medical Education Development

    1. 9 week program for pre-dent and pre-med applicants that are rising seniors or recent graduates

    2. Take classes in biochemistry, microbiology, dental anatomy/theory, gross anatomy lecture/lab, histology, physiology

  3. VCU Summer Enrichment Academic Program 

    1. 6 weeks for pre-dent, pre-med, pre-pharm, and pre-physical therapy that will be entering their junior or senior year 

    2. Classes in virtual anatomy, pharmacology, physiology

    3. Application, interview help

  1. Texas A&M SPEP Collegiate II 

    1. 6 week program​ that prepares and helps you take the DAT

  2. University of Michigan- Profile for Success 

    1. 6 week program for rising juniors, seniors, ​and college graduates

    2. Helps pre-dental underserved populations with resources and knowledge to be successful in dental school

  3. Detroit Mercy Dental Summer Enrichment Program

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